Coffins and Tombstones

With symbols like six-shooters, cowboy hats, broken tin stars, and of course, the coffin and tombstone for determining the outcome of a character's action; Coffins and Tombstones is the first Spectrum System game produced by Fearlight Games.

Spectrum System games are a series of miniatures skirmish games that are not tied to a specific set of miniatures, scale, genre, or setting. They do not use target numbers, but instead allows both players to make die rolls and then compare their numbers of successes.

The simplified set of rules is easy to learn, but still allows a player the customization and creativity that make the games unique and fun. When you build your posse, you pick cowpokes from a list of starter characters in the rulebook. As you play through a series of games, your characters earn experience that can be used to increase their attributes (like Shootin’ or Brawlin’) or to purchase new Special Abilities.

What You Need

To play this game you’ll need: a place to play, some terrain to dress it up, and either a tape measure or a battle map in one inch grids. You’ll also need some cowpoke miniatures (25 or 28mm works well) to represent your posse (or you can print some cardstock cowpokes from the posse lists), the rulebook, and a set of Spectrum System dice. Each player will also need a deck of initiative cards, or in a pinch, a poker deck minus the jokers.

Two Ways to Play

You can play this game in one of two ways. As a one-off game, in which case, agree on a point size, build a posse, and play, or as the campaign game which starts at 600 points and levels up after each Shootout.

About Coffins and Tombstones

Coffins and Tombstones made its debut at the Origins Game Fair in June of 2012. With a first run set of rulebooks, laser engraved d6s, and hand cut initiative cards, we were excited about bringing a game of our own to market. By the end of Origins, we were surprised to see just how much interest there was for a western game like Coffins and Tombstones.

We later launched Coffins and Tombstones on Kickstarter with a fairly ambitious goal, but even though the project was unsucessfully funded, we're still playing and producing it. We've learned a lot about the process and plan on relaunching it with some additional material in the future.

In the meantime, stop over and check out the original Coffins and Tombstones Kickstarter and watch the Store to get a copy for yourself. Thank You!