Founded in 2012, Fearlight Games was launched by Kirby Young as a home for a series of settings for The Spectrum System.

Kirby Young is a husband, father, gamer, and entrepreneur. He is excited about the potential of The Spectrum System and all of the things that Fearlight Games can do. Fearlight Games is his first foray into the gaming business, but he has been deeply involved in the gaming community for many years. Credits include playtesting for Gorilla Games’ Battlestations, and is always ready to throw dice and take notes when the latest Spectrum System game is tested. Kirby enjoys prototyping new dice and parts with his laser. In his free time, he…just kidding. He has a real job (that pays actual money), a beautiful wife, and a pile of kids. There is NO free time.

The Spectrum System is a set of core rules for playing any setting of miniatures. Its main feature uses dice symbols rather than numbers, opposed rolls instead of target numbers, and allows the defender to roll dice and take his own fate in his hands. It includes a system for leveling up characters in your faction, making them better in between game scenarios and battles making the game all the better to come back and play. Ultimately, It is designed to give miniatures gamers more customization and give the players more interaction with their dice rolls. Additionally, Spectrum dice are customized for each published setting, adding more detail to the genre of the specific setting.

The Spectrum System was developed by Bryce Whitacre. Bryce wrote the first setting, Coffins and Tombstones. He also authored The Defeated Dead and The French and Indian War for Rogue Games’ epic historical horror RPG Colonial Gothic. Currently he is working for Margaret Weis Productions on the Age of Apocalypse Campaign Setting for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and working on the next couple of settings for the Spectrum System.