Our Games

Baker Street – Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

In this Victorian-era RPG, you become an investigator working out of 221B Baker Street solving cases for Dr. Watson. With two additional Casebooks and our first supplement available, there are nearly two dozen mysterious cases to solve!

Hood – Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood

A roleplaying game set in the Legend of Robin Hood. This fantasy RPG employs a swashbuckling stunt system where you name each and every one of your attacks, defenses, and actions! A story pool system that works skills, professions, virtues, vices, traits, equipment, and stunts into each and every roll. An Icon Die that features Robin, Marian, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. 

Coffins and Tombstones – Spectrum System Spaghetti Western

In this game, you play one of the various posses of the old west. Your posse can gain new skills, new abilities, and new equipment over time; provided they can avoid the coffins and tombstones on the dice. This isn’t a historical game mind you; it’s a Hollywood style adventure game using some of the old west’s real and fictional characters. So saddle up, pull out your pistol, and prepare for one hell of a ride.

Gravesites and Gaslights – Old World Horror

Join the forces of night and become vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, and more. Make sure there is no dawn. Join the human world lead by the likes of Sherlock Holmes, The Whitechapel Angels, and the Bronte Bells, whose mission is to bring light to this dark Victorian World. Featuring the Spectrum System, this Victorian Age monster romp features a team campaign where it’s monsters vs. heroes in an all out struggle for your soul.

Rayguns and Rocketpacks – Adventures in Our Solar System

Join the Technocratic Union of Earth as they fight off the threats posed by the Martian High Command! Attempt to restore order on the Moon Penal Colony that has rebelled against science! Ally yourself with the women of the Venusian Guard! Battle our solar system’s greatest threat….The Dread Goo! Featuring the Spectrum System, Rayguns and Rocketpacks is a skirmish style 50s sci-fi game that features fighting on the face of the moon, the planets of the solar system, asteroids, and in various space craft ranging from Rockets to flying saucers.

Steel Blades and Shadow Dragons – A Fantasy Spectrum Setting

Ally with the Duchies of Stormholt. Battle with the Lightning Gnomes or the Greenskinned Tribesmen. This fantasy skirmish setting introduces magic to the Spectrum System and adds terrible War Machines to the field of battle.

We have a lot of other ideas for Spectrum System settings. Superheroes, Pirates, Samurai, and the Supernatural are just a few other discussions that we’ve had. One of the things that we are excited about is that while new settings are released, the system doesn’t change. Keep an eye on this page for more information on our working titles:

Dark Days – An Apocalyptic Spectrum Setting in which bands of survivors fight against forces trying to eliminate or enslave humanity.

Slasherville – Modern Horror Skirmish pits the Babysitters and Cheerleaders against Evil Things, Mad Doctors, and the Carnies.

Heroes – A superhero-themed Spectrum Setting.

We are really excited about bringing this series to you. There are just so many things that you can do and ways to play. Have an urge to combine factions from multiple settings and play Cowboys vs. Werewolves? Jack the Ripper vs. Lightning Gnomes? You can do that with the Spectrum System!