A Big Welcome and Thanks

I just wanted to take some time to welcome everyone to the Fearlight Games Website. Kirby Young has been working tirelessly to get the website up and the Kickstarter rolling. We have great projects lined up. The first being Coffins and Tombstones, an exciting miniatures setting for “hollywood” old west shootouts. If you like classic shootouts, with cowpokes falling from rooftops, you won’t want to miss this rule set. It comes with some fantastic dice featuring the art of the amazing and talented Amanda Kahl.

Along for the ride is Professor Matthew Lopshire (Phd Munchkinomics, and a BS in power gaming). Kirby gave him a blog on this website to teach everyone how to munchkin my games. I’m eternally grateful (no, that’s not the word) to Kirby for allowing Matt such a blog. Matt will be doing a few strategy blogs and I’ll be doing some web content to enhance your gaming experience.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.