Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock by Gaslight

Whitechapel 1888, prostitutes are being murdered in London’s east end. Your investigators are hired to solve the world’s most famous unsolvable crime! Jack the Ripper is hiding in the Shadows. He replaces Dr. Moriarty on the Sherlock Die, and fuels your fears the closer you get to the truth! This sourcebook features all new professions for investigators, several new reprobates for the Mastermind, and over 50 London locations, each with a unique plot hook that can be converted to a whole night of who dunnits!

Sherlock by Gaslight is the first campaign guide for the Baker Street roleplaying game. It features several new Professions, Reprobates, a London sourcebook and includes a Jack the Ripper campaign.

Check out the Casebook #2 and Sherlock by Gaslight Kickstarter here.